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Market Khiladi Training Academy

The best option for deep and insightful financial markets training is the Market Khiladi  Training Academy. Our academy’s mission is to provide individuals with knowledge and skills required for effectively handling the movements of the stock market, foreign exchange (FX) trading, options, and other securities.
Our aim is to provide traders and investors of any level of experience have, excellent instruction. Whether you are an experienced trader seeking to grow your strategies or a beginner looking to learn the basics, our experienced instructors and comprehensive courses provide the assistance and direction you need to be successful.
At Market Khiladi, we believe in a hands-on learning approach. Our courses are designed to equip you with practical skills and strategies that you can immediately apply in real-world trading scenarios. Additionally, our interactive learning environment encourages active engagement and discussion, fostering a supportive community of learners

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Why Choose Us?

Here are some compelling reasons in favor of selecting Market Khiladi Training Academy.

Expert Instructors

Skilled professionals with real-world trading experience.

Their expertise allows them to provide insights and strategies that are both practical and effective.

Comprehensive Curriculum

 In-depth courses from basics to advanced strategies.

You will learn about different asset classes, trading tools, and risk management techniques

Ongoing Support:

Mentors, fellow learners, and methods for continuous improvement all remain provided.

Beyond the training itself, Market Khiladi Training Academy provides ongoing support to its students.


Competitive pricing offering excellent value.

The academy offers competitive pricing for its training programs, ensuring that you receive high-quality education and excellent value for your investment.


Shivam Sharma

Shivam Sharma, the visionary Co-founder of Market Khiladi Training Academy, a renowned institution dedicated to empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of the stock market. With over 8 years of extensive training experience, Shivam has honed his expertise in equipping aspiring traders with practical insights and strategies for success. Beyond his role at Market Khiladi, Shivam serves as a distinguished guest faculty member in various academic institutions, where he shares his wealth of knowledge through insightful lectures. Through his leadership and dedication, Shivam continues to inspire and mentor countless individuals on their journey to financial independence

Professionals Team

Shivam Sharma

Co-Founder/Senior Faculty

Shivam Raj


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